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   LILA HINDI Prabodh Praveen Pragya on Web  

LILA Hindi PPP Web is a synonym for LILA Hindi Prabodh, Praveen & Pragya (Web Version) It is a multi-media based intelligent self-tutoring application for learning Hindi as a second language. A full-length 3-level course, it is designed specially for Government and Corporate Employees and is also useful to those desirous of learning Hindi from the initial stage. As a supplementary aid, a teacher can also find the packages to be an extremely effective companion eliminating much of the routine task of administering the students with exercises, evaluating them, devising grammatical explanations and narrating the text with standard pronunciation and intonation. The medium of instruction for the application is English.

The LILA Prabodh package is for beginners who do not have any knowledge of Hindi, while LILA Praveen is for users who have a basic knowledge of Hindi, but would like to upgrade their language skills grammatically. The LILA Pragya is exclusively for individuals who would like to learn Hindi and use it in their official correspondence, like drafting letters, noting, memorandum, approvals, various forms of tenders, circulars, and so on.

On the completion of the course, the learner is expected to achieve a basic to advanced functional knowledge of Hindi to communicate in simple day-to-day situations as well as in office drafting and letter writing. He / She will also achieve a sound base of written Hindi and its core functional grammar. The constant interactive participation through the computer in the self-learning process is likely to provide an extra edge over the skill of reading, writing, speaking and grammar.

The salient features are:
Facility to learn Reading and Writing of Hindi Alphabets.
By using the tracer board provided in the s/w the user will be able to trace each alphabet of Hindi and simultaneously listen to the pronunciation of the alphabet that is being traced. He can also get information about "maatra/half consonant" if it exists.
Speech Interface to enable correct pronunciation and intonation.
This facility is available at 3 levels - word level, sentence level and paragraph level.
A vocabulary of commonly used words.
A separate section exists in the Prabodh and Pragya courses for vocabulary. Visual vocabulary has been provided in Prabodh whereas Pragya contains administrative terminology.
Online bilingual Dictionary.
An online Hindi-English dictionary is available in all the 3 courses. The user can access this dictionary from any section of the s/w.
Cultural Notes.
These notes have been provided wherever necessary and can be accessed from the dictionary.
Controlled and Graded Lessons.
These lessons have been designed in such a manner that the user will first learn basic concepts like word order, gender and then gradually go for higher concepts.
Video clips accompanying Narratives in Lesson.
Each lesson is provided with a video file so the user can easily grasp the expression while speaking the language. This facility is available at 2 levels - sentence level and paragraph level.
Facility to Record and Compare one's own voice with Standard Pronunciation.
This facility helps in the improvement of pronunciation skills. The user can record his/ her voice and then compare it with the standard one.
Comprehensive Grammatical Notes
Detailed grammatical notes have been provided in each lesson.
Interactive Exercises
Various exercises have been incorporated in each lesson to test the user's knowledge. This is a kind of practice material. Here, the user will be able to know whether the selected/ typed answers are correct or not. Subjective questions have been provided in the package. Here the user will type the answer and send it to the teacher through mail. The users inbox will receive the teacher's feedback.
Tests that will control the flow of the learning cycle.
Each lesson is accompanied by a test. The user cannot proceed to the next lesson until and unless he passes the test. But, this rule is applicable only in the controlled learning mode, whereas in the free learning mode the user is free to browse any lesson and attempt any test