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GARUDA Overview:

Grid computing has emerged as one of the key computing paradigms enabling large-scale and enhanced scientific endeavors to be carried out via collaborations on a global scale. Grid Computing enables the virtualization of distributed computing, data resources and the network bandwidth to create a single system image. This allows the end users to gain seamless access to heterogeneous compute power (from desktops, workstations, servers, clusters, and large-scale symmetric multiprocessing systems) and data that might exist in multiple databases in different formats, widely dispersed over geographic locations. Grid computing is based on an open set of standards and protocols that enable communication across heterogeneous, geographically dispersed environments. Thus Grid Computing is a definitive effort that makes it possible to realize solutions to the grand challenge problems in scientific research.

GARUDA is a collaboration of Scientific and technological researchers on a nation wide grid comprising of computational nodes, mass storage and scientific instruments. GARUDA aims to provide the technological advances require enabling data and computing intensive science and engineering applications for 21st Century. One of the GARUDA’s most important challenges is to strike the right balance between researchers and deployment of the innovation into complex scientific and engineering endeavors being taken under taken today.

The Department of Information Technology (DIT), Government of India has funded the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) to deploy the nation-wide computational grid 'GARUDA' which will connect 17 cities across the country in its Proof of Concept (PoC) phase with an aim to bring "Grid" networked computing to research labs and industry. A total of 45 institutions have been connected. GARUDA will accelerate India’s drive to turn its substantial research investment into tangible economic benefits.

GARUDA Technologies and Research

GARUDA infrastructure:

Computational Resources:
In this collaborative grid project, various resources such as high performance computing systems (HPC) and satellite based communication systems have been committed by different centers of C-DAC and GARUDA partners. The details are listed in the Garuda Website.

Network Fabric:
The GARUDA High-Speed network is a Layer 2/3 MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) connecting select 45 institutions across 17 cities at 10/100 Mbps with Stringent Service Level Agreements with the service provider. This Grid is a precursor to the Gigabit speed nationwide Wide Area Network (WAN) connecting high performance computing resources and scientific instruments for seamless collaborative research and experiments. The High Speed Network is being established at all the GARUDA partner institutes in close collaboration with ERNET who is also responsible for the operation, maintenance and management of this network.


GARUDA Partner Community